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Esports today

  • $2 billion investment     400 mln players     300% growth
    Only for the first quarter of 2018, more than $ 2 billion was invested in the esports industry, which exceeds the figures for 2017 by more than 300%. The number of players has exceeded 400 million and these figures continue to grow.
  • Industry problems

  • wide range of platforms, that provide only solitary features;

    absence of a single currency;

    excessive amount of cash out services;

    high commission rates;

    lack of income potential for casual players.

  • Cybercube solution

    With blockchain technology Cybercube will be able to:

  • provide all-in-one esport platform;

    introduce an inside all-purpose currency;

    provide a safe way for easy and instant cash out;

    only charge minimum commision for actual cash out;

    motivate players with financial benefit.

Clickcoin - an internal currency, will be used for each operation. It can be exchanged into fiat money and instantly transferred to a bank account.

Cybercube oportunities

Cybercube Arena

Here Dota 2 | CS:GO | LOL players can:

Compete 1x1, 5x5 or 5x5 matchmaking on the battlefield and earn Clickcoin;

Create a team, use team lobby and participate in regular platform tournaments;

Become a top rated player on the Leaderboard and receive awards;

Set up own tournaments and prize pools.

Take care of your health with Cybercube popup reminders system.

Cybercube Betting

Here, users can place a variety of bets on popular eSport events, including:

Classic bets;

Express bets;

Extra bets;

LIVE bets.

Cybercube Betting utilises Clickcoin for all transactions, allowing users to cash out instantly without using a third party. Utilising Blockchain technology allows Cybercube Betting to remain secure and prevent fraud.

Cybercube Events

Simple live shows system allows users to:

watch 1х1 live duels between famous players with the highest buy ins;

easily subscribe and pay with Clickcoin;

interact with other viewers via in-built chat;

receive Clickcoin for p2p broadcast support.

Experience real esport tournaments with 360° live broadcasts brought to you by Cybercube.

Cybercube Marketplace

Here users can:

trade in-game items and add-ons between each other;

participate in real-time auctions.

The auction system is based on Blockchain technology. This leaves no place for fraud or mediators. All charges are kept minimum.

Cybercube Store

Online store of gaming gear and accessories, where users can:

purchase goods with Clickcoin;

make payments via QR code;

order home delivery.

User- friendly interface with numerous product criteria, interactive filters and morphological search will easily find needed accessories.

Cybercube Wallet&Exchange

Platform based wallet and currency exchange service that allows:

link a bank account for quick deposit;

exchange Clickcoin into fiat money and vice versa;

instantly transfer Clickcoin from wallet to wallet;

purchase Clickcoin via p2p system.

It’s a unique wallet system that functions solely on cryptocurrency. Simply link your bank account to Cybercube Wallet and cash out instantly without a third party.


Stage 1

Q3/2017 - Q1/2018

  • Generation of the idea
  • Market analysis and team building
  • Development of Cybercube Arena CS:GO

Stage 2


  • Search and engaging of Advisors
  • Development of Cybercube Arena Dota 2

Stage 3


  • Arena Alpha launch (Cybercube Arena CS: GO & Dota 2)
  • Private token sale

Stage 4


  • Public Beta version of the platform (Cybercube Arena CS: GO & Dota 2)
  • Presale

Stage 5


  • Alpha version of Cybercube Betting
  • Public release of Cybercube Arena
  • Alpha version of Cybercube Wallet & Exchange
  • Gambling license obtainment

Stage 6


  • Beta version of Cybercube Betting
  • Alpha version of Cybercube Events
  • Announcement of regional Dota 2 tournaments on Cybercube Arena
  • Beta version of Cybercube Wallet & Exchange

Stage 7


  • Public release of Cybercube Betting
  • Beta version of Cybercube Events
  • Public release of Cybercube Wallet & Exchange

Stage 8


  • Public release of Cybercube Events
  • Alpha version of Cybercube Marketplace

Stage 9


  • Beta version of Cybercube Marketplace

Stage 10


  • Public release of Cybercube Marketplace
  • Alpha version of Cybercube Store

Stage 11


  • Beta version of Cybercube Store

Stage 12


  • Public version of Cybercube Store

Token sale


  • 60% Token Sale
  • 20% Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 8% Growth Fund
  • 6% Reserve Fund
  • 1% Bounty
  • 60% Token Sale
  • 20% Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 8% Growth Fund
  • 6% Reserve Fund
  • 1% Bounty

Token sale

  • Softcap:

    4 million
  • Hardcap:

    28 million
  • Start date:

    To be announced
  • Token name:

  • Total supply:

  • Token value:


Team and Advisors

Cybercube comprises an international team of highly skilled individuals, esports experts and skilled developers that have already implemented successful long-term projects. With wide range of experience and knowledge we know esports industry inside out and we can ensure that the project is built to last.

Vladi Kim


Esports have always been a part of Vladi’s life. As a player himself he could always feel that modern platforms lacked certain features.
He cultivated the idea for 5 years and with introduction of Blockchain there was finally a perfect technology to bring this platform to life.

Nikolay "Weiss" Poplavskiy


Nikolay is a multiple winner of international esports championships in A gaming team. He is an Ex Professional CS Player, Coach at HellRaisers, Analyst&Commentator at StarLadder.
His professional gaming career has lead him to starting his own successful business in the esports industry. He is a founder of CSGOSU.com.

Alexandr Chernyshov

Leading Back-end specialist

IT specialist with 10 years of .NET development experience starting from CMS frameworks to sophisticated interfaceless services. Highly skilled in creating online markets and websites using .NET and web technologies. Alexandr has successfully implemented projects at Ciklum. A CS:GO addict, who wants to bring gaming industry to a new quality level.

Sergey Lysov

Executive VP

Experienced top manager and investment professional. Having had history of $100M private equity funds raised and assets under management, Sergey is now running a full-service fundraising agency Diamond Capital. At Cybercube, Sergey is responsible for general product strategy, executing investment strategy, investor relations and business development.

Igor Vlasov


Seasoned financier, banking and business expert. Following raising $92M for Cryptaur, a crypto-banking project, where Igor serves as CСO, he is now running a full-service fundraising agency Diamond Capital, chairing IEEE for Blockchain in Ukraine, and serving as board member/advisor for several ICO projects. At Cybercube, Igor is responsible for business development, partnerships and strategic alliances, fund raising process and corporate strategy.

Dmitry Dunaiev

Head of IT Department

Dmitry is an IT specialist with over 5 years of experience in System/Network Architecting, DevOps, Virtualization and Cryptography. His career began in 2012 as DevOps. His is passionate about creating various system and network architectures. As a Head of IT department, Dmitry's skills help moving our IT systems forward, from simple alpha to sophisticated enterprise product.

Yura Tank

Head of Marketing

Yura has been an esports fan for more than 15 years and knows the industry inside out.
Being a casual player himself, he fully understands what esport lacks today and what will make people fall in love with the product.

CAN Yang

Business representative in the Asian region

A professional in the media and entertainment industry with over 10 years of experience.
Hardcore gamer of Counter-Strike and Battlefield series.
CBO at team MVP, VP at ImbaTV, ex AZUBU Director business development.

Margarita Balyuta

Project Manager

Margarita is a talented PM with rich experience in team managing.
She has previously co-founded and built her own successful business, so she knows how to build a company from scratch. She poses vital skills to manage a big international team and lead it to success.

Taufik “TAFA” Khidri

Communications and Media Manager

Top esports commentator in the CIS, began with CS 1.6 tournaments in 2005, after which he became the main commentator of ASUS Series, Intel Challenge, Intel Extreme Masters, WCG, ESWC. Currently works with StarLadder CS:GO and PUBG. In addition he comments on Point Blank, BLC, World of Tanks, Call of Duty, PES, FIFA, Diablo.

Maxim Shalavin

Blockchain developer (Advisor)

Maxim is a back-end developer with over 5 years of experience. He has implemented more than 10 successful Blockchain projects in 2 years. Maxim has won Hackathon “Blockchain Future”, entered the top 10 in Humaniq global challenge and top 5 in Hack4climate Germany. A passionate technician who strives for perfection.

Maksim Skorikov

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in developing complex projects in web. Participated in development of one of the Russia's biggest marketplaces (Yorso) as a full-stack developer. Currently specialises on Javascript development. Won 2 Hackathons, ambitious about emerging tech such as machine learning and blockchain.

Denis Shustin

Chief Analytics Officer

Denis has a global experience in esports, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading.
He gained his trading experience at CryptoArt fund.
Denis analysis and studies various esports and cryptocurrencies related projects and plays a serious role ICO and Product.

Anna Tsymbalist

Head of Content

Excellent in creating both sophisticated technical and entertaining content. Anna has rich experience in creating and following content strategies. She stays in tune with esports industry, together with Blockchain and cryptocurrency market changes to ensure that Cybercube fans get the latest updates on the project.

Mikhail “HoT” Novopashin

Business representative in CIS.

Participated in over 100 esports tournaments. Professional Warcraft 3 player.
Ex player of MYM and SK.
Winner at the SEC 2007,2008 and bronze medalist at WCG 2006. Mikhail plays an important role by engaging required media partners and advisers to the project.

Partners and Media


  • What makes Cybercube different to other platforms on the market?

    Cybercube simplifies esports. It’s a unique platform that combines 6 most popular gaming activities in one place.
  • What are the main features of Cybercube?

    Cybercube’s main features allow gamers to:
    - Challenge their friends and other players and earn on wins;
    - Place a variety of bets;
    - Subscribe and watch 1x1 duels of famous players;
    - Purchase in-game items such as skins in real-time auctions;
    - Purchase a variety of gaming accessories and peripherals;
    - Exchange Clickcoin into fiat money and instantly cash out.
  • What is Clickcoin?

    Internal platform currency.
  • What is CYBE token?

    Decentralized erc20 token based on Ethereum Blockchain.
  • How can I get tokens?

    Acquire tokens in the course of the token sale according to Cybercube Token Sale Agreement.
  • Is there going to be an additional release of CYBE tokens?

    No additional CYBE tokens will be released.
  • When does ICO start?

    To be announced
  • What happens if you don’t reach the soft cap?

    In the event that the lower cap is not reached, all deposits will be refunded to customers’ accounts, minus the cost of any transaction fees.
  • Which currencies are accepted during the ICO?

    Bitcoin and Ethereum.